Advanced Marketers

The greatest advantage Nirmy has over competitors is in the incredible flexibility it allows in the content sections of its Expanded View. Here are just a few examples of what a business can publish in its Expanded View:

unlimited URL links

video links embedded in Expanded iew images

No other business search platform allows as much freedom in what marketers may upload and how they might leverage that content through the app.



Do you run programmatic ads? Did you know you can essentially run your programatic ads by simply reformatting your creative to Nirmy's Expanded View's image specs?  After all, what are programmatic ads but merely image links?

A disadvantage of a programmatic ad placement is that your ad is ephemeral and displayed in rotation with other ads.  Because of its fleeting nature, it cannot be seen on-demand by the consumer -- they would simply have to wait until your ad is again shown to them.  On Nirmy, your reformatted programmatic ad creative remains stationary for as long as you want it displayed.


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