What's Nirmy?

Nirmy is a full-featured, app-based marketing tool that helps retailers be quickly found or discovered by customers through a visual, location-based interface like no other.  It displays a scrolling grid with a variety of image-based 'tiles' uploaded by businesses, organized by what's closest to the user.  Most importantly, what makes Nirmy unique is that it is a brand-sourced (versus crowd-sourced) platform, which means every business on Nirmy has complete control over their content and presence on the app (as opposed to having content uploaded by the general public) -- providing a whole new level of brand safety.

Our vision & mission

Nirmy aspires to be the best business search and discovery app that helps businesses and their promotional messages be instantly found and discovered by their target consumers.

Nirmy sets itself apart from the competition by


  • providing a versatile tool with a clear and affordable price

  • providing a platform that is transparent and straight-forward

  • providing a tool that is easy to understand and use


Watch to see how Nirmy works.

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