Meet Nirmy

The smartest GPS-enabled business directory ever.

The most beautiful way for more customers to find you.

Experience effortless local search.  Instantly find, discover and explore businesses near you by simply launching the app and scrolling.  Tap on the image tiles to see available deals.

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"If the world were a giant mall, then Nirmy will be the best-ever mall directory."

What's Nirmy and how does it work?

Nirmy is a tile-based, GPS-enabled directory that helps users quickly find businesses near them. It displays your business beautifully from nearest to farthest, offering the user the most geographically convenient options. TAP HERE to see how business tiles look up close.

How is Nirmy good for users?

The moment you launch it, Nirmy instantly surfaces a variety of businesses around you, allowing for spontaneous discoveries.  Find what you need with 3 taps or less, no typing keywords needed. Easily share businesses with your friends within the app through Nirmy Chat.

How is Nirmy good for businesses?

Businesses on Nirmy have complete control over their content and are instantly discoverable by new customers. It allows unprecedented creative freedom and is super-affordable for any size business. It's FREE to try for 3 months and only $20 per month thereafter.

The best business directory for food, service & retail businesses is here.

Made with for small businesses, retail chains and franchises

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You'll instantly appear on the app for the world to see.  Try it FREE for 3 months.

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Effortless local search


Way easier and more fun to use than other business search apps.

Riley J.

So sleek and uncluttered. I can get all the info I need at a glance.

Noah R.

A marketing app that actually champions for businesses.

Martin B.

Business owner

or marketer?

Make your business instantly discoverable now

In just minutes, your business will appear beautifully on Nirmy for new customers everywhere to see.  Being discovered or found has never been this easy or looked this good.  Why wait?  Try Nirmy for Business FREE for 3 months.

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