COVID-19 Crisis

Supporting the Small Business Community

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have significantly impacted small businesses.  To provide some support during this incredibly difficult time, we’re now offering a FULL YEAR FREE of Nirmy for Business for all small businesses across our home state of Nevada.


Simply SEND US A MESSAGE with your business name, address, phone and email address and we'll send you a 100% OFF coupon code to redeem when uploading your business details onto Nirmy.  The process is fast, easy and free.

We hope having your business appear on Nirmy at zero cost helps you and the rest of our local business community get back to business as usual soon.


This one-year free offer is currently only available to small businesses with three locations or less operating in Nevada.  We reserve the right to refuse certain types of businesses on the platform.  This offer is on a first-come first-serve basis, for a limited time only and may cease with no advance notice.  Terms and conditions may be revised any time with no advance notice.  Please request your coupon code as soon as possible.  We will email your coupon code along with simple directions on how to redeem it and how to upload your business details as you would like them to appear on Nirmy.

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