the exciting alternative to Yelp and Google for brick-and-mortar marketing.

Perfect for small businesses + regional and national retail, service and food chains.

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Made with for small business, chains and franchises

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Make your business appear on Nirmy in 3 easy steps:

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2.  Upload the information, promotions, images and videos you want to display

3.  Publish your content, be found instantly

Effortless local search


Way easier and more fun to use than other business search apps.

Riley J.

So sleek and uncluttered. I can get all the info I need at a glance.

Noah R.

A marketing app that actually champions for businesses.

Martin B.

Make your business instantly discoverable on Nirmy

In minutes, your brand or business will appear beautifully on the app for customers everywhere to see.  Why wait?

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