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Franchise Chains

In the United States alone, there are over 3,000 franchise brands operating. Until now, there hasn't been a mobile-based B2C marketing solution that can automatically and beautifully showcase the nearest franchise locations to consumers based on proximity.


With Nirmy, not only are your franchised locations effortlessly displayed to nearby consumers as soon as they open the app, but your promotional content is also readily available on-demand precisely when your prospects or existing customers are searching for your brand or offerings.


Nirmy offers multi-unit service, food, and retail marketers enhanced flexibility, control, and creative freedom over their brand content and marketing support for individual franchisees.


Here are some examples of how you can utilize Nirmy for each franchised location in your system:

Nirmy is well suited to multi-unit food, service and retail chains.  Filter search, keyword and brand name search are blazingly fast on Nirmy, and it provides the safest (no reviews or other crowd-sourced content) and most creatively flexible and interactive branding environment of any business search platforms available today.

We are currently offering our mobile marketing platform at a very special rate to a select few regional multi-unit retail, service and food and beverage brands through our EARLY ADOPTER PROGRAM.

CONTACT US  for more information.  We're happy to help get you started.

*the mockups above are for illustration purposes only

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