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Image Specifications

You can upload and display multiple images for your Brand Tiles and Callout Window.  Here are the specifications to know.


Currently, you can upload up to 3 images for your Brand Tile, which will animate with an elegant fade-in, fade-out transition on Nirmy's scrolling grid.  Choose images that beautifully showcase or clearly articulate your products, goods or services.  Make sure they will entice users to tap your Tile to see more information about you and what you have to offer in your Expanded View.

Technical Specifications of Brand Tile Images

Optimum image size:  616px x 924px  (616 pixels wide x 924 pixels tall)
Image formats accepted:  Jpegs (.jpg) and PNG (.png).  PNG (.png) is strongly preferred.
See image examples below.  Tap technical diagram to enlarge.

Tile w Band.png

Important note: Promotional messages or text-heavy images are not allowed to be displayed in your Tile images. You may feature promotional messages and text-driven messages and graphics in your Callout Window images (see below).


Currently, you can upload up to 3 images to display in your Expanded View's Callout Window.  Users will be able to swipe left or right on these images.  You may upload images that simply showcase your products, goods or services. OR you may embed links to your images to make them interactive and lead users to take a specific action.  CLICK HERE to see how to embed links to your callout images.

Technical Specifications of Callout Window images

Recommended image size:  924px by 694px (924 pixels wide x 694 pixels tall)
ImportantTo prevent any important elements of your callout graphics from overlapping with the interaction buttons, be sure to place them 132 pixels above the bottom edge (see specifications diagram below).

Image formats accepted:  Jpegs (.jpg) and PNG (.png).  PNG (.png) is strongly preferred.
Aspect ratio:  4:3 (4 w x 3 h)

Examples of what you can display in your Callout Window

>> Tap to enlarge specifications diagram

PRO TIP: To design your own promotional graphics similar to the examples shown above, we highly recommend using the free online design tool called CANVA.  Visit to start designing with it now.  Use the image specifications listed on this page when creating your layouts and designs in Canva, Photoshop or your preferred design program.  Or click here to edit our FREE template on Canva.

>> For an explanation of why we prefer the PNG (,png) image file format on Nirmy, CLICK HERE.  Versions of Nirmy are available for use on iPads and Android tablets.  The larger screens of these devices are a factor in determining the optimum image file sizes listed above.

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