Nirmy for Enterprise

Nirmy is well suited to multi-unit food, service and retail chains.  It instantly surfaces your nearest locations to users when the app is simply opened, making your current promotional communications immediately accessible at the precise time customers are in search of your food, product or service.  Filter search and keyword search are blazingly fast on Nirmy, and it provides the safest (no crowd-sourced content!) and most creatively flexible branding environment of any business search platforms available today.


Batch tile upload is available for multi-unit retail, food and service chains and franchises.  Batch tile upload means you can simultaneously upload dozens, hundreds or thousands of your chain's locations by simply uploading a pre-filled CSV file.  Download the .csv template here to preview.

We currently offer our mobile advertising platform at no cost to select regional multi-unit retail or food and beverage brands through our EARLY ADOPTER PROGRAM.

CONTACT US  for more information or assistance.  We're happy to help get you started.

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