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Restaurant, retailer or service provider?

Nirmy is a gps-driven mobile advertising app that uses images to automatically displays your local business and promotions to nearby customers for instant discovery.

Watch the video above to see how it works

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What's Nirmy and how does it work?

Nirmy is a GPS-driven, image-based search app that helps users discover or quickly find businesses nearby. It displays them beautifully from nearest to farthest, offering users the most geographically convenient options available. DOWNLOAD

the app now to experience it firsthand.

How is Nirmy good for consumers?

The moment it's launched, Nirmy instantly displays a variety of businesses around you, allowing for spontaneous discoveries. Find a specific type of business with 3 taps or less, no typing keywords needed. Easily share business recommendations with your friends within the app through Nirmy Chat.

How does Nirmy benefit businesses?

Businesses on Nirmy are instantly discoverable and have complete control over their content, unlike on crowd-sourced platforms. It allows unprecedented creative freedom and flexibility, and starting at only USD240 per year (varies by country), it's super-affordable for any size business.

The best local search and discovery app for food, service and retail businesses is here.

Made with for local & multi-local businesses

See all its features designed with your business in mind

Not yet on Nirmy?

Add your business on Nirmy in 3 easy steps:

1.  Create your free business account at

2.  Upload the information, promotions, images and videos you want to display

3.  Choose a tile size, pay, publish.  Be found instantly!

Effortless local search


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Way easier and more fun to use than other business search apps.

Riley J.

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So sleek and uncluttered. I can get all the info I need at a glance.

Noah R.

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A marketing app that actually champions for businesses.

Martin B.

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Local business owner
or marketer?

Be instantly discoverable on Nirmy

In minutes, your local business and promotions will appear beautifully on the app for customers to see.  Why wait?

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Scan to download Nirmy

Care to share?

Have your friends scan this QR code so they too can download Nirmy.  Add them as a Friend on the app to chat and share businesses with.

Know someone who owns a business?  Let them know about Nirmy today!

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