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Glossary of Features

Nirmy Features Defined


Nirmy's primary interface is made up of Brand TILES, the rectangular image containers displayed on the screen.  Marketers can think of these tiles as ad units, which are available in 3 sizes:  Single, Double and Quad. A Single Tile is the most common and most affordable type found on Nirmy. A Double Tile is twice the size of a Single Tile horizontally, and a Quad Tile is 4x the size of a Single. Just like conventional display ad units, Nirmy offers these sizes as options for marketers to attract varying levels of attention as a user scrolls through the app.

The Grid

The Grid is how we refer to the primary home screen of Nirmy, which displays scrolling Brand TILES.

Tile Views

TILE VIEWS, otherwise referred to as 'impressions' in advertising parlance, is the number of times your tile images on the Grid are displayed on the screen and seen by users. Brand awareness is generated and reinforced each time your brand Tile is seen on the grid, similar to how advertising billboards generate impressions and brand awareness with consumers who see them.  Nirmy outdoes conventional outdoor billboards by actually counting and showing you how many people see your Tile images (your miniature brand 'billboards'), so you'll know exactly how many people are exposed to your business on a daily basis in real-time.

Expanded View

When a brand Tile on the Nirmy grid is tapped, it opens up to its Expanded View, which contains all the pertinent information a customer would need on a business:  Address, Phone Number, Email, Website, Hours, current distance from the user, Description and Specialties, available deals or promotions, and the ability to choose which map app to use for directions.  It also features a Callout Window, which can display images and graphics (see definition below).


When a user taps on a brand Tile, it indicates a desire to learn more about the business.  Expanded Views are counted separately from Tile Views (impressions) since they serve as a metric measuring a user's deeper level of interest in learning more about a particular business like yours.  On Nirmy, the number of tap opens is the equivalent of a 'click-through' rate as measured on other digital advertising platforms.

Callout Window

In your Expanded View, you can upload and display multiple swipable images or graphics.  We refer to this display area as your CALLOUT WINDOW, which you use to visually emphasize or call attention to specific communications or calls-to-action you want the consumer to see or act on.  You have vast flexibility with how you might choose to use your Callout Window, including the ability to upload creative that is consistent with your brand or timed to a current promotion.  No other business search platform allows this level of freedom for your branding and messaging.

Image Link

In your Expanded View, you can display multiple images.  Each of these images can be set up to link to an online destination by simply assigning a URL to the image (hence, the term IMAGE LINK). The result? When a user taps on an image in your Expanded View, it will lead them to your designated destination.

For example, you can embed a link to your food delivery menu page (e.g. Uber Eats, Seamless, Food Panda, Postmates), a specific product page on your e-commerce site to drive a direct purchase, a specific landing page on your website, branding or product videos, details to your current promotions, appointment or reservations calendar, a 'buy now' button and so much more.

Viewed Address

When a visitor taps on Show address in your Expanded View, it serves as a simple way to distinguish recreational browsers from visitors who may have a deeper level of interest in checking out your business soon.  VIEWED ADDRESS is a metric shown in the your Business Dashboard's INSIGHTS section.

Controlled Momentum Scrolling

As a feature that's meant to be beneficial to businesses on Nirmy, the speed at which a user can scroll through the grid of tiles on the app is controlled in a way to ensure each and every tile is seen by the user.  A user cannot flick through and miss a tile.  This also allows for an accurate count of views (or 'impressions') of each tile, which can be accessed by each business on their account dashboard.


When users taps on the LIKE button in your Expanded View, not only are they indicating they like your business, it also saves your business into that user's list of Liked businesses (located in the user's MY STUFF folder on the app).  It's a simple way for users to save the businesses they've enjoyed for future reference.  The number of total Likes your business garners from users of the app is displayed in real time in a counter on the bottom right corner of your business tile for the world to see.


When users tap on the FOLLOW button in your Expanded View, it puts your business in a list of businesses they're 'following' -- which indicates they are interested in any new information from your business.  When users Follow your business, they are implicitly giving you permission to send them promotional messages periodically through the app.  Sending promotional messages to users in-app is an upcoming feature.  We will notify you by email when it becomes available.

Bucket List

Users of the app can easily put a business in their BUCKET LIST so they can be automatically reminded of the businesses they want to try in the future.  When a user puts your business in their Bucket List, it indicates their intent to check out your business at some point.  What makes Bucket List awesome?  Any time that user happens to be in the neighborhood of your business, she'll get an alert on her phone or connected smart watch, asking her if she'd like to visit your business now since she's nearby.  It's a fun and wonderful way to be reminded of a business you've Bucket Listed (a.k.a. book-marked)!

Check In

Nirmy users can CHECK IN to your business on the app when they're within approximately 300 feet of your location.  They can check in only once every 24 hours.  The number of check-ins that are logged for a business will help rank its popularity as an establishment in an upcoming feature of the app:  searching by MOST POPULAR.  >> In your business dashboard, it is crucial that you adjust your pin to point at your precise location, otherwise app users may not be able to successfully check in at your establishment.


Sharing a business with a friend on Nirmy is super fast and easy.  Simply tap on the SHARE button (the paper airplane icon), select a friend or group of friends from your Friends list to share it with, and you're done.  This feature is perfect for recommending a service provider to a friend (like a physician or mechanic) or sending a restaurant suggestion for an after-work dinner with your group of friends.  The tile is sent to your friends simultaneously, and tapping on the tile in their chat feed brings up all the details they need to know on the business, along with mappable directions.


Nirmy's CHAT feature is designed to be the fastest and easiest way to share business tiles with your friends on Nirmy.  Users can also use it simply for chatting with friends.  Chat drives user engagement with Nirmy, making it part of their daily life even when they're not searching for a business.  To get to Chat, the Grid must first load, which of course generates tile views to the benefit of businesses on Nirmy.

Filter Search

On Nirmy, you can discover a variety of businesses near you by simply scrolling on the main grid.  To find a particular type of business faster, you can filter your search by 5 main categories:  Eat/Drink, Shop, Services, Fun and Online.  You can further narrow your search by selecting a sub-category under these main categories.

Search Field

You can find a type of business you're searching for on Nirmy with 3 taps or less, without the need to type anything at all.  But you can also search by typing keywords into the SEARCH FIELD.  Search by name, by type or by their specialties.  For example, you may search for 'Applebee's', 'hair salon', 'cronut', 'cosmetic dentistry' or by gift-giving occasions like 'Mother's Day' or 'graduation'.

My Stuff

Just as the name implies, the MY STUFF folder on Nirmy contains all of your stuff, including your Friends list, businesses you've liked, businesses you follow, businesses in your Bucket List and your chat feeds.

Business Dashboard

As an active business on Nirmy, you have access to your very own BUSINESS DASHBOARD from which you can update your business images and information any time.  Through your dashboard, you may also upgrade or downgrade your tile size and view activity reports generated by app users' interactions with your business.  Activity reports include how many people have seen your tile (TILE VIEWS or 'impressions'), how many people have tapped open your tile to learn more about your business ('click-throughs'), along with a real-time count of all the Likes, Follows, Bucket Lists, Check-Ins, Shares, 'Get Directions' your business has garnered, and so much more!

Map Pin

In the map section located in your business dashboard, there is a red indicator 'pin' that designates your exact location on the map.  You may adjust where this pin appears on the map to pinpoint your location more precisely.  This is especially helpful if your business is located in a mall, a multi-floor office complex or somewhere hard to find.  App users must be within approximately 300 feet (~100 meters) of this pin to be able to successfully check in to your business on the app.


It's important to encourage your customers to check in at your business on the app, as Nirmy will later introduce a way for users to search for your business type using a 'popularity' filter.  Popularity rankings will be based on the number of check-ins your business garners.

We're constantly adding exciting new ways for your business to attract and connect with more customers.  If you have suggestions for additional useful features you'd like to see in the future, please feel free to send us a note.

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