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  • Log in to your business account at

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  • Click on your business name.

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  • Click on UPDATE IMAGES.

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  • Click on any of the Callout image buttons.

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  • Upload your Callout image or graphic.  In the Link field, enter the URL you want to embed to the image you've uploaded.  Once your image is live on the Nirmy app, users who tap on that image will be brought to your embedded link.

EV Link Promos.png
  • PRO TIP FOR ADVANCED MARKETERS:  If you're running programmatic ads on other platforms, you can reformat your ad creative for your Callout window on Nirmy.  You can embed links to your creative much in the same way programmatic ads work, except on Nirmy, your linked creative is not ephemeral -- you can display it in your Callout window for as long as you like and it won't have to be in rotation with other brands like conventional programmatic ads.

  • For inspiration and ideas on how to use interactive Callout images with embedded links, CLICK HERE.

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