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Create biz tile.png
  • Log in to your business account at on your favorite web browser. 

Log In.png
  • Click on +CREATE YOUR FIRST BUSINESS TILE.  A form will appear for you to fill out.

Create First Button.png
  • Enter the name of your business exactly how you want it to be displayed on the app.  If you have multiple locations of the same business, you may enter an optional 'nickname' for easy reference when you need to update information for a particular branch or location.

Business Name.png
  • Select your main category from the 5 options.  Select EAT / DRINK if you are in the food and beverage industry.  Select SHOP if customers purchase goods or products from you.  Select SERVICES if you provide a service or if you are in the services industry.  Select FUN if customers come to your business for fun activities (for example: zip lining, karaoke, comedy club, bowling).  Select ONLINE if you sell your goods or services online.

Select Cat.png
Select Cat 2.png
  • After selecting your main category, select your subcategory.  When users of Nirmy filter-search for a business like yours, this is how they'll find you.

Select Subcategory.png
  • Dont' see a subcategory that represents your business type?  Tap  CONTACT US to let us know and we'll add your subcategory.

Dont See Subcat_.png

Pro tip:  If you have a business that belongs in more than one subcategory (like bar AND restaurant), select the subcategory that you feel will be more beneficial for your business to be found under.  In the example of being both a bar AND a restaurant, you can decide to assign restaurant or bar based on which one represents a more significant portion of your business.  You can still be found for the other subcategory in keyword search if you designate that word in your Keyword field.  For simplicity, create one tile for now under your subcategory of choice.

  • Fill out the rest of the form.  Each section has helpful hints.

  • All done?  Click on SAVE BUSINESS TILE.  If it's not fully green nor clickable, this means you may have missed a required field in the form.  It will appear fully green and clickable once you've filled in all the required fields above.

Save Biz Tile 1.png
Save Biz Tile 2.png
  • Once you click SAVE BUSINESS TILE, your new business tile will be created and appear in a list on your account home page.

Dash List.png
  • Click on your business name to enter the INSIGHTS page for your business.  This is where you'll see and track user interactions with your tile and Expanded View.

Dash List.png
Insights Page.png
  • This is also where you'll upload or update your Tile and Callout images any time.

Insights Page.png
  • To learn how to upload or update your Tile and Callout images, CLICK HERE.

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