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Privacy Matters: What Happens on Nirmy, Stays on Nirmy

Now more than ever, consumers are wary of giving up their private information and having their online interactions tracked

Ad-supported social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and search giant Google collect a treasure trove of very personal information on you so they may use all of that sensitive data in combination to target you with paid advertising based on your proclivities and browsing histories. For example, when you research a medical condition on Google or when you like a political post on Facebook or when you 'heart' a scantily clad celebrity on Instagram -- all of these behaviors you've performed online are archived to continually aggregate a highly personal profile on you for constant monetization. This is what privacy advocates mean when they say that on these platforms, it is YOU, the user, that becomes the product being sold to businesses.

We Beg to Differ

At Nirmy, we believe that no third-party entity should have that much access to your personal information in the first place, and certainly no entity should be saving your information to generate revenue around you. This is why keeping your private information private is paramount on our platform. How do we achieve this? Simple. By collecting a bare minimum of information from you. Here's a quick rundown of what little information we ever ask for:

What's the Difference Between Google and Nirmy's Revenue Models? Why do users have more digital privacy on Nirmy?

Google tracks and saves your search and browsing histories, actions and behaviors on its platform to target you with what it thinks is relevant to you.

In contrast, we don't have to build a personal profile on you based on your search or browsing history on Nirmy because we don't deliver business ads to you. You seek out businesses on Nirmy at the exact time you're looking for the product or service you need. No user targeting is ever required. Ads don't need to identify and find you, because on Nirmy, it's YOU who identifies and finds the advertisers.

Nirmy's revenue model is directly opposite Google's and social media platforms'. Businesses pay to appear on Nirmy. They, not you, are what's being monetized.


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