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Steal These Ideas: Creative Ways to Use Your Expanded View Images on Nirmy

Your Expanded View images on Nirmy offer incredible flexibility in how you can use them. This creative freedom is offered by no other business search app. Here are some examples of how you can use your Expanded View images. We can't wait to see what you'll do with yours!


Whether it's a new product, service or menu item -- or just about anything at all -- you can use your Expanded View images as mini billboards for calling out what's new. Rather than tell you, how about we show you? Here are a few ideas of what announcements can look like in your Expanded View on Nirmy:


You can use your Expanded View images as mini magazine pages flaunting all that's great about your brand -- whether it's your products, your store interiors, your displays and anything else that helps convey and define your brand image to your customers and prospects. Literally, whatever it is that you would run as a branding advertisement, you can display in your Expanded View on Nirmy. Here are some examples:


Do you want your prospects or customers to act on something? Like ask about a new product or service you offer? Do you want them to 'TAP' to order for delivery? Or call to make an appointment? Because Expanded View images are embeddable with links, you can ask customers to tap on the screen and they'll be brought to where you want to link them to (e.g. your appointment booking or reservations page, app install page, food delivery service menu page, a certain page of your website, videos -- the possibilities are endless!).


Do you have special offers or promotions? Call them out through your Expanded View images! If you have an advanced POS (point-of-sale) system, you can even use QR codes to track customer redemptions of your special offers. Get inspired by some of the ideas in this video:


Do you have a big sale currently happening or coming up? Let everyone know through your Expanded View images. You can call out not just the sale itself, but any of the details and terms, including sale dates. Think of it as like hanging a SALE sign in your window except that this sale sign is on your customers' phones. Customers won't need to be in front of your store to know about a sale you're having!


Nirmy is a visual marketing platform for businesses. As such, your visuals and images are a crucial part of your marketing efforts on Nirmy. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then be sure to make the images you upload count. Choose images that illustrate your products or services at a glance. Showcase your work, your staff, your interiors or retail environment -- even your storefront (if it looks great!) so customers can quickly identify your business when they visit. Choose images that are appealing to entice new customers.


For mid-sized and larger companies who have art departments or in-house graphic designers, creating eye-catching Expanded View graphics and images will be quite easy. But what if you don't have an art department or a go-to graphic designer? Don't fret! You can easily create your own gorgeous Expanded View graphics similar to the examples above by using our favorite FREE online design tool. It's called Canva and you can read about it here. It's quite easy to use and you're sure to enjoy creating beautiful graphics for your Expanded View in no time!


Optimum pixel size: 462 pixels wide x 347 pixels height

Accepted formats: high quality PNG (.png) or JPEG (.jpg)

You may upload and crop images to the above aspect ratio using the Upload/Crop windows in your Nirmy Business Dashboard.

See how to upload your Expanded View images here.

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