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Understanding Plus Codes: Your Simple Guide to Generating Plus Codes with


Have you ever wondered how to explain your home's location to someone who doesn't know your address? Or have you thought about finding places that don't have a traditional address, like a park or a hiking trail? That's where Plus Codes come in! In this article, we'll discover what Plus Codes are and how to generate them using the website Let's dive in and learn together!

What are Plus Codes?

Plus Codes are a simple way to represent any location on the planet, even if it doesn't have a traditional address. They were created to help people communicate location information easily, especially in places where traditional addresses are not well-defined.

Think of Plus Codes as a secret code for a specific location, like the treasure map to find your favorite ice cream shop or the X marks the spot in a pirate story. Each Plus Code is unique to a particular location and helps you pinpoint it precisely.

Generating Plus Codes with

To generate a Plus Code for a location, we can use the website Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit

Open your web browser and go to the website This is the special website that will help us generate Plus Codes.

Step 2: Locate the Search Box

On the website's homepage, you'll see a search box where you can enter the name of the place you want to find or the address if you have one. Let's imagine you want to find your favorite park.

Step 3: Enter the Name or Address

Type the name of your park or its address in the search box. As you start typing, the website will try to suggest places based on what you're entering.

Step 4: Choose the Correct Location

After typing the name or address, the website will show you a list of suggested locations. Look for the one that matches your park, and click on it to select it.

Step 5: Discover the Plus Code

Once you've selected the correct location, the website will show you a special code called the Plus Code. It looks something like this: "7J63+FW New York, NY, USA." This code represents the exact spot where your park is located.

Step 6: Share and Use the Plus Code

You can now share this Plus Code with your friends, family, or anyone who needs to know the location of your park. They can use it to find the same spot using the website or certain apps that support Plus Codes.

Bonus: Finding a Plus Code on a Map

If you already have a Plus Code and want to see the location on a map, you can visit the website and enter the Plus Code directly in the search box. It will show you the location on a map, making it easier to visualize.


Plus Codes are fantastic because they allow us to locate any place on Earth, even if it doesn't have a regular address. Using the website, we can generate a unique Plus Code for a specific location, like your favorite park or any other exciting place. Remember, Plus Codes are like secret codes that lead us to amazing destinations. So next time you want to share or find a location, give Plus Codes a try!



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