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Meet Nirmy, the Tile-based, GPS-Driven Search App That Surfaces Your Local Business Instantly

For those not yet familiar, Nirmy is a hyper local business search and discovery app that gets your business and promotions found or discovered instantly and beautifully

Nirmy is packed with smart features that drive immediate awareness of your business and help promote your offerings. Unlike other business search apps whose content about your business you can't control because they're crowd-sourced (meaning pictures, comments and other content can be uploaded by the public at large), Nirmy is 'brand-sourced', which means you as the business owner or marketer have complete control over all your information, images, videos, branding and content on the platform, with no risk of unflattering crowd-sourced uploads or unpredictable comments.

Getting your business to appear on Nirmy takes only a matter of minutes. For small businesses, there's no need to deal with any salesperson because it has an easy-to-understand, do-it-yourself dashboard where you can quickly upload your business information, photos and other content (see image below).

How does Nirmy work?

Nirmy features a visual, tile-based user interface. When you upload your information and photos onto the website, your business will appear as a 'brand tile' on a GPS-enabled infinitely scrolling grid on the mobile app. Users see your brand tile based on their proximity to you. Users tap on your tile to open it to its interactive Expanded View, which showcases all the details a prospect or existing customer would need to know about your business, including your contact info, description, expertise or specialties, business hours, any promotions, sales or events you're having, the ability to map directions and share your business with others, and all other types of content you want to share, including videos and unlimited links throughout. Plus, you can track tile views, 'tap-opens' and all interactions with your listing through your online dashboard.

Why does Nirmy exist?

For far too long, local businesses like yours have had limited options when it comes to full-featured, truly business-friendly direct-to-consumer digital marketing and promotional tools. Most are undesirable due to high cost, steep learning curve, mysterious algorithms, complex analytics and lack of content control. In contrast, Nirmy is super affordable, easy to learn, provides complete control over your own content, has the simplest metrics dashboard and uses only a GPS algorithm when displaying business search results. There are no controversial formulas other than distance that favor one business over another in search results. Nirmy is an ideal alternative to existing business search apps, and offers marketers and business owners like you not just another option, but rather, the BEST option.

Easy as 1-2-3

Use Nirmy to build hyper local awareness of your retail locations and make your current promotions quickly discoverable. It costs only $240 per year (depending on your country), a small fraction of conventional advertising and other digital marketing platforms.

Make your business appear on Nirmy right now in 3 simple steps:

  1. Go to and create your free business account

  2. Fill out the information you want displayed for your business, upload enticing images, videos and interactive promotional graphics

  3. Choose the tile size you prefer, pay and publish

Voilà! Your business will instantly appear on Nirmy for a world of new customers to discover every day.


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