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Early Adopters of New Marketing Platform Nirmy Get First Crack at New Customers

Nirmy Offers Mobile Advertising Platform to Select Multi-Unit Brands at No Cost Through Early Adopter Program

New York, NY — Nirmy, a new mobile advertising platform, today announced that it is offering its platform to select multi-unit brands at no cost through an early adopter program.

The program is designed to help multi-unit brands get each of their retail locations discovered by nearby customers and drive foot traffic to their stores. Nirmy will provide participating brands with a free account and access to all of the platform's features, including:

  • Brand tiles: Nirmy's brand tiles are a visually appealing way to showcase your business on the platform. Tiles can be customized with your logo, photos, and videos, and they can be promoted to users who are in your area.

  • Location-based targeting: Nirmy's location-based targeting allows you to reach users who are near your stores. This is a great way to drive foot traffic to your locations and increase sales.

  • Analytics: Nirmy provides detailed analytics per store location so you can track local search performance individually. This data can help you optimize your marketing reach.

"We are excited to offer our platform to select multi-unit brands at no cost," said Mick Riego, CEO of Nirmy. "We believe that this program will help these brands get their businesses discovered by new customers and drive foot traffic to their stores."

The early adopter program is open to select multi-unit brands. To apply, visit the Nirmy website

About Nirmy Nirmy is a mobile advertising platform that helps businesses get discovered by new customers. Nirmy's platform is easy to use and affordable, and it provides businesses with a variety of features to help them reach their target audience.

To learn more about Nirmy, visit the website.


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