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Groupon Schmoupon - Publish Your Own Deals on Nirmy and Keep 100% of Your Sales

Here's why Nirmy is an ideal alternative to deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial

Have you been considering offering your goods or services through a deal site like Groupon or LivingSocial? Or maybe you've already worked with one or both? Either way, you may already know that when you offer your goods or services through such deal sites, not only do you have to offer significant discounts on your products, you also have to surrender a big portion of your already discounted sales to the deal site, which can be as much as HALF of what you sell -- netting you with but a tiny fraction in the end. Say you normally sell your widget for $100. To be competitive on deal sites, you often have to lower your widget price to around $50 or less. For every $50 widget you sell, you then have to give $25 to the deal site, netting you with just $25 from what originally retailed for $100.

Not so with Nirmy.

Although Nirmy is not technically a deals app, it provides businesses like yours incredible flexibility and creative freedom when it comes to how you can use the images in your Expanded View. One such creative use is to promote your own deals. Here are examples of the types of deals you can offer in your Expanded View:

Not only can you be as creative as you like with your offers and designs, best of all, Nirmy takes zilch and you keep 100% of every deal you sell.

To recap, here are 3 key advantages of publishing your own deals on Nirmy versus working with a deal site:

  1. You keep 100% of your sales, no revenue splitting with anyone

  2. You decide how long the deal is good for, you're not tied to a minimum time commitment

  3. You can update or discontinue your deal at your discretion

On Nirmy, you're truly the king (or queen!) of your castle when it comes to your content. For more inspirational ideas on how you can use your Expanded View images, TAP HERE.

To learn how to embed links to your Expanded View images to make them interactive, TAP HERE.