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Groupon Schmoupon - Publish Your Own Deals on Nirmy and Keep 100% of Your Sales

Discover Why Nirmy is the Perfect Alternative to Groupon and LivingSocial

Have you been contemplating offering your goods or services through deal sites like Groupon or LivingSocial? Or perhaps you've already worked with one or both? Either way, you may already be aware that when you utilize such deal sites, not only do you have to provide substantial discounts on your products, but you also have to relinquish a significant portion of your already discounted sales to the deal site. This can amount to as much as HALF of your total sales, leaving you with a minuscule fraction in the end. Let's say you typically sell your widget for $100. To stay competitive on deal sites, you often have to lower the widget price to around $50 or even less. For every $50 widget you sell, you then have to give $25 to the deal site, leaving you with a mere $25 from what was originally valued at $100.

However, with Nirmy, it's a different story.

While Nirmy may not technically be a deals app, it offers businesses like yours unparalleled flexibility and creative freedom in how you choose to use the images within your Expanded View. One such use is to promote your own deals. Here are some examples of the types of deals you can showcase in your Expanded View:

Not only do you have the freedom to be as creative as you want with your offers and designs, but the best part is, Nirmy takes nothing and you get to keep 100% of every deal you sell.

To summarize, here are three key benefits of publishing your own deals on Nirmy instead of working with a deal site:

1. You retain 100% of your sales, with no revenue splitting involved.

2. You have the flexibility to determine the duration of the deal; you are not bound by any minimum time commitment.

3. You can easily update or discontinue your deal according to your preference.

On Nirmy, you have complete control over your content. You are the true ruler of your castle. For more inspiring ideas on how to utilize your Expanded View images, TAP HERE.

To learn about embedding links to make your Expanded View images interactive, TAP HERE.


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