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Quick Start Guide

For Local Businesses

Set Up Your Account

The quickest 60 seconds EVER!

Go to and fill out the short form to create your new business account.  This will be your dashboard where you'll manage your account.  When ready, click on the yellow Create Business Tile button to get started.


Pick Your Pics

Upload Inviting Images

In your Nirmy dashboard, click on the yellow UPDATE IMAGES button to upload your tile and callout images or graphics. Click HERE to see how to embed URL links to your callout images to create interactive graphics. Click HERE for image and graphics size specifications.


By the Numbers

Metrics That Count, Literally!

Go to the INSIGHTS section of your dashboard at to see a real-time count of your tile views, tap-opens and all the interactions users have with your business on Nirmy.

Laptop Lady.png

Fill In Your Profile

It's info your customers will see

We coach you along the way as you input your business and promotional information.  Select the SINGLE TILE option and pay.  Enter a valid coupon code if you have one.  Occasionally, we provide coupon codes here on our site.  Click HERE to see if there's a coupon code currently available.


Check Yourself Out

See How Your Business Looks

If you haven't yet, download Nirmy from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.  Find your business on the app.  You may update your content and images through your online dashboard any time.

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